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We can help to update your signboards with the necessary hardware to communicate with your POS. This will give you the ability to push price updates from our software directly to your POS, pump, and digital price signboard. You can bypass your team at the ground level entirely.

// Key Fobs Work Fine

Signboard Integration is an Optional Feature

Does your signboard already communicate with your POS? If yes, then you can push the pricing from our software all the way to the POS, pump, and signboard from any remote location. If you are still using a key fob, our software will allow you to push your fuel pricing updates to the station manager via SMS text. It will continue to ping them until the action has been confirmed. The full signboard integration is optional. We provide a flexible end to end solution to fit the needs of your fuel pricing workflow.

// Hardware

We Work With Most Price Sign Manufacturers

We are certified partners of Daktronics but we also work with many other price sign manufacturers and can facilitate the sale of the necessary hardware while providing reliable installation services; allowing your signboards to communicate with your POS without the use of a key fob.


We Make it Easy For You to Update Your Price Signboard

Site Location Addresses
Provide us with your site location addresses , sign make, and model. This will tell us exactly what hardware is necessary for the upgrade.
Accurate Quote
We use Google Maps to identify your sign and it's positioning in the field so we can provide an accurate quote on what is necessary for the hardware installation.
Hastle Free Installation
We will coordinate the time and date with you for the installation. All installations come with a warranty, provided by the sign manufacturer. Details to be provided.

We Work With The Following Price Sign Manufacturers