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Our subsidiary company, WorldData.AI, is globally recognized as one of the top repositories. We excel in data analytics and insights into all markets. We aim to empower our clients with the latest and most precise fuel pricing data, along with comprehensive competitor insights and all other contributing factors to fuel pricing.

// Reliable Fuel Pricing Data And More

Competitor Fuel Pricing Data

By leveraging the power of WorldData.AI and it’s advanced analytic capabilities, we are able to offer our clients unparalleled visibility into market trends and pricing strategies, helping them to stay ahead of the competition and drive business success. WorldData.AI is a subsidiary of PriceEasy™. We provide fuel pricing data on the hour, every hour. We have comprehensive coverage providing you with stable and reliable fuel pricing data.

Tailored Data Solutions by Expert Analysts

Our dedicated data experts understand your use case and identify high value relevant external datasets.

Reliable Data Sourcing You Can Count On

We have a repository of 4 billion datasets + unique technology to extract data from web, mobile, and more.

Data Cleaning With Quality Assurance

Regardless of data structure, WorldData.AI cleans the source data into a standard data format.

Instant Access to Real Time Data

Data updates daily and is applied by PriceEasy™ to help you optimize your fuel prices.

// The Only Fuel Pricing Platform to Use External Data

AI Uses External Data to Help You Optimize Your Fuel Pricing

Fuel Pricing Data

We provide you with your competitors gas prices, updated every hour. We include historical pricing data to be used by our AI in price prediction modeling.

Mobility Data

We track cell phone movement and triangulate your customers position to include their shopping patterns to help you understand their behaviors.

Weather Forecast

We provide weather patterns and weather forecasts to help understand how the weather affects traffic to your site locations.

Local Macro Factors

We provide data on your site's geographical location to include population density, age, gender, educational levels, income levels, etc.

Local Site Factors

Our AI analyzes local characteristics of your site including surrounding businesses and key interests to identify what is driving traffic to your location.

Traffic Flow

Our software uses hourly traffic data to help identify who's station is visible during what time of the day and what day of the week.

Competitor Discount Data

We provide the data for various discounts offered at each of your competitor's gas station. This helps you to price more granular.

Geo Intelligence

We include data about your competitors to identify if they are on the same road, same side of the road, total travel time, main road access, etc.

Mystery Shopper Data

If you conduct mystery shoppers into your site analysis we can include this data into PriceEasy™ to help identify ways to improve your customer service.